Heroes often exist within our very midst, watching out for our wellbeing without us ever knowing it.

David Virgoe is such a hero.

On Monday, June 18, 2007, tragic circumstances resulting from a collision with an alleged speeding car on Highway 400 south of Highway 89 in Ontario, Canada claimed David's life - a professional truck driver for 26 years. Police and witnesses at the scene have acknowledged David's heroic actions in the final moments of his life.

David had initiated difficult and deliberate avoidance maneuvers that, without doubt, prevented other deaths and injuries from occurring that day.

To his family and friends, David's virtues were well known - a big rig driver for more than a quarter century, David lived his life doing what he loved doing best: covering literally millions of miles of highway professionally, conscientiously and without a single accident.

With a commitment to tomorrow, let us honour the memory of David Virgoe by conducting ourselves on the world's roadways as he had done - safely, professionally, and with utmost consideration for the wellbeing of those who share life's journey with us.
-Markel Insurance Credit

The Virgoe family and friends

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The Virgoe family would like
to thank everyone who came
out and played in the 5th annual, charity golf tournament in Gilford, ON in memory of David.

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All proceeds raised benefited
the O.T.A. Education Foundation.